Imperial Valley

Imperial Valley

SunEco got its start in southern California and has roots in the Imperial Valley. It is in the Imperial Valley that SunEco launched its first large scale project.

After identifying several sites in the region, and conducting some preliminary activities, SunEco was presented with an opportunity to acquire an existing fish farm near the town of Niland. The farm had existing pond capacity of 1,200 acre feet of water and presented an opportunity to quickly move into the harvesting of algae. The site also had significant expansion potential in the surrounding area, and nearby access to railroads and pipelines.

The project at Niland quickly became SunEco’s anchor project and is now in full development which involves permitting activities, initial harvesting of algae, and eventually full scale engineering and construction.

The Niland project has also given SunEco the opportunity to practice its community based development principles. The Company was a sponsor in the recent Tomato Festival in Niland and has pledged support for the fire department. Over time, SunEco will earn a reputation as a good corporate citizen and a well respected member of the community.

The overall Imperial Valley development will start with the conversion of the Niland site, which sits on over 350 acres of land and has 200 acres of ponds containing 1,200 acre-feet of pond capacity. From there, the Company has identified a number of other land parcels which could be used for production capacity expansion, rail siding, processing areas and the like, to build out the area into a world class production center for renewable oil and livestock feed supplement.

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